Travel the world and become the best chef in the world. Show your talents by making the best dishes in the world by using Cooking Fever. Just as the name suggests, cooking fever can teach you to make the best dishes in high-pressure situations. This game will definitely improve gamers’ time management skills and reflexes. It is an addictive and exciting game with a simple gameplay. With attractive graphics and awesome action, the fans will be hooked to the game, in no time. Cooking Fever, developed by Nordcurrent is available on both iOS and Android.

How does it work?

Basically, the chef has to prepare food and drinks and serve them to the impatient customers. If drink is sold to the customers, it gets automatically refilled. The only catch is to prepare food in as less time as possible to level up constantly. Users can also upgrade their drink station to prepare more drinks. The first required upgrade includes the cola dispenser and grill plan. As a beginner, only simple dishes need to be cooked like hamburger. As the game progresses, the complexity level also increases and players will be required to serve faster so that customers do not leave. Like other games, this game also requires gems and coins for purchasing anything or upgrading restaurants.

Tricks to unlock coins and gems

1. Early preparation could be a game changer for you as some food will be ready prior to the customers’ entry. Keep the food at the right temperature by using the warmers. By reducing the waiting time, there is an increased chance of earning more gems and coins.
2. Cook different dishes simultaneously to reduce the waiting time, earn more cash and upgrade the kitchen.
3. Make the customers happy and comfortable by upgrading your restaurant constantly. There is also an option to serve in multiple restaurants.
4. Play the already completed levels to earn more cash and gems.
5. Increase the food prices to keep earning more cash and free gems for Cooking Fever.

Cooking fever cheats are also available online which can unlock unlimited gems and coins in no time at all. These online Mod APK tools can enable players to generate cooking fever cheats themselves.

How to use cheats

1. Enter your email id to register.
2. Tap on the online hack button to get access to the cooking fever cheats tool.
3. Enter your cooking fever credentials and click on Connect.
4. Choose the number of gems and coins.
5. Once you are done with the selection, simply click on generate and check your account to see if there’s any change.
These online hacks are safe as they employ a script to encrypt the data and hides generated gems to make it impossible for the account to get banned. They have high security so that users’ accounts using hack tools are unrecognizable. Moreover, no knowledge is required to run these kind of tools. They are simple and safe. With cooking fever hacks you can generate as many resources as you want, in a quick and smooth manner.