How to hack Cooking Fever? Good question. A game that offers fun, but also frustration. Many sources on the internet claim that they will hack the game and give you unlimited gems for free, most of these will hack your account. Who gives things away for free? Be careful. This article will help you hack the app, no need to type in the password. It’s simple, and it works.

Cooking Fever is a super fun game, but after a while, you find yourself without coins and gems, and that holds you back, it limits you and slows you down. In order to progress in this game, you need coins and gems. One way to do it is to buy them, which is the whole intention of the developer, they want you to buy coins. Not everyone can afford them, nor does everyone want to spend money in a game. It takes a lot of time to get gems. This is the best Cooking Fever gem hack that actually works.

This simple way will make you 400 coins and 5 gems every time you do these steps.

  1. Close the game, go into setting, turn off your Wi-Fi or network connection. Or you can simply turn on airplane mode, but make sure your Wi-Fi is off then.
  2. Go into your settings, on an Apple device go into “general” and “date & time.” On Android go into settings and search “time,” or simply find it in your scroll down menu, it should go into “date & time.” Next, turn off automatic date & time.
  3. Then enable manual time & date change, select a date, it should be over a month away from this day, change it to any date over a month away from today, accept the time change. The problem you might have is that once you get gems on a specific day, you can’t get them again if you go back to your actual date. That’s why going ahead is essential. Don’t go too early, but also don’t go too far, as your device might not support the date, depending on how far you end up going. And going back to a day prior to it could then prevent you from getting coins and gems.
  4. Exit your settings. Find your game again. Open it again. You will see 400 coins and 5 gems. A lot of hard work or money to get gems that you just got for free.
  5. Close the app again, repeat the steps of going to your settings and changing your date once again. Go a day ahead. You need to do that over and over until you get enough coins and gems to keep you going. Don’t forget that a calendar could limit you and that at the end of the day, making a game playable is fun, but don’t forget about also keeping it at a level in which you actually enjoy the game, rather than simply cheating with everything.

These steps will give you a major advantage over anyone not paying for gems.

Repeat this process until you get what you desire, or it stops working. It’s super quick and works. Don’t forget to eventually change back your time and date to automatic so you don’t get lost when you wake up the next day. That’s how to hack Cooking Fever!