Gems and coins at times known as diamonds are earned on the process of playing the game. Coins are rather easy to acquire whenever one has many restaurants that are open. Gems tend to come at a slower rate as compared to coins, this can be discouraging especially when one is new in the game and only has one or two restaurants open. The internet has several sites that claim they can hack so that you can acquire more gems but most of these websites are not safe and you can end up downloading malware or viruses into your device. One can buy these gems from Google Play but these are other ways of acquiring new gems without spending your money;

Increase your experience level

One can earn up to seven gems for each new experience level. You are required to play the same level repeatedly to get to the next experience level and in turn earn more gems. As you move through the restaurants, you gain more experience per restaurant. This will earn you more experience points. Different levels have different experience points, for instance, playing the Indian Restaurant’s Level fifteen earns you more points than playing Fast Food Court with the same level. This requires one to find out which Restaurant Level awards more Experience points.

Returning to the game frequently to earn the welcome back reward.

If you open the game at least once per day, after about one week you will earn some gems.

Upgrade the restaurants.

Though it is not a must, you should upgrade each of your restaurants to achieve a three star rating on each level. This will enable you gain more Experience Points on every restaurant level. You do not need to spend all the gems that you have to upgrade you’re the tables or purchase some of the best crusts for your pizzas. You should be in a position to gauge which gem investment is going to give you a good return. Food investment for instance will raise the amount that you will charge on food and in turn you will earn more coins. In some instances, you may be required to upgrade the seats and the lighting so that you may increase your customer’s tip or wait time. All these will contribute to your progression to the next level. Investing on the equipment will decrease the length of time that is spent on preparing food. Upgrading within a restaurant will enable you gain more experience points in the different restaurant levels.

Play the highest earning restaurant level repeatedly.

This will ensure that you earn more coins that can enable you play the casino. You should save some good amount and then go to the casino, here you will be able to roll over and over until you acquire all the gems that are available. Place bets worth $500 until you get the fifteen gems that are available at the casino. You can be able to win the fifteen gems twice in a day while playing in the casino. With all these processes, you are able to gain more and more gems without having to pay. That’s how to get gems in Cooking Fever, enjoy.