If you are searching for a time management game that can test your ability to perform under pressure then Cooking Fever is a perfect game for you. To win this game you have to grow your business and make a profit by preparing and serving all sorts of food items to your customers. If you are a new player, then you may need to go through a guide to learn the basics of this game. As you become good at this game, you will need some strategies, tips, and tricks that will definitely help you to get some more coins and gems.

Cooking Fever Cheats & Tips

Here are some tips, tricks, and Cooking Fever cheats for Gems that are going to help you earn more coins, gems, and other valuables.

Prepare Some Of Your Food Items Earlier Enough

Prepare some of your food earlier and keep it ready before the customers start visiting you restaurant because it doesn’t matter if you preparing it half an hour ago or 10 minutes ago, you will be rewarded with the same points. The pre-prepared food can be kept at the right temperature in warmers. The customers will not complain about the food which is already prepared. Drinks will be refilled on their own. In the beginning, you will be provided limited cooking equipment for cooking items like hot dogs and hamburgers. So, focus on cooking such items ready before the customers start visiting. To earn more coin and gems try to reduce waiting time for customers.

Always Upgrade Your kitchen

You will get the chance to upgrade your kitchen after winning the first level. You can increase the capacity of cooking by upgrading your kitchen, as you will be allowed to prepare more food items at once. You can purchase new cooking equipment with the money you have earned or sell the old ones and earn money to upgrade your Kitchen.

Keep Your Restaurant Upgraded

You should always focus on making your customers happy and comfortable and for that to happen you should always keep your restaurant upgraded. You can install new tables, barstools,disco balls and televisions. You will find the reputation of your restaurant increasing with each upgrade. These satisfied customers will tip you and tell other customers about your restaurant.

Play The Completed Levels Again.

Replay the levels that you have already completed but with low scores. Aim to score maximum scores in them. By doing this you can earn more coins, gems, experience points and gold stars with a bonus.

Increase The Price Of Your Food

If you are not earning enough coins, then the best way to keep your business running is to increase the cost of your food items.

Though your customers won’t like it.

Understand The Mood And Facial Expression Of The Customer

The customers visiting your restaurant can be happy, sad, concerned or angry. The waiting time, restaurant decor and food quality are the factors that will that can affect their mood. Tip: If your customers are happy then they will always prefer your restaurant. And the more customers you serve, the faster you will earn your coins and gems.

How to use Cooking Fever Hacks online?

  1. Visit the Cooking Fever Online Cheat by clicking on “Online Hack”
  2. Type in your Username/E-Mail/ID/etc
  3. Select how many Gems and Coins you want to generate
  4. Select if you want to use Private-Proxy or the Anti-Ban Function -Recommended-
  5. Press “Generate” and have the Cooking Fever Hack do the rest!

After the verification of the offer, the generation process will be completed by the cheats.