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Welcome to our latest online tool its called Cooking Fever Cheats. This tool makes you ready to give you a chance to build your fantasy kitchen right away as it generates you heaps of gems totally free and in a matter of moments. You will never need to spend money on Cooking Fever because now you can have them for free. There wont be any disillusioned visitor leaving your restaurant cause he didn’t get served and you will finish each level in the blink of an eye. You can now likewise purchase all outfits with the generated gems and see which one you like best.

Our cheats tool is there to help you out when you cannot gain any ground in the game cause its excessively hard aswell as somewhat out of line and needs u to purchase gems for genuine money. That is the reason its not unreasonable or exploitative in our eyes to use such a tool. They do that cause that is how they profit make the game hard that the user needs gems to proceed. In any case, not each player of Cooking Fever may have the money to bear the cost of them that is for who we have made the Cooking Fever Cheats. That players who can’t bear the cost of the gems can keep playing the game also.

Features of Our Cheats for Cooking Fever

  • Unlimited Gems – You will never need to get them. You can simply use our cheats for gems and coins and generate them yourself.
  • Anti-Ban Script – A special script programmed by us to keep your Account from being banned. More information beneath.
  • User benevolent interface – We outlined the tool to be as simple to use as could be allowed. By the by you will discover promote directions on how to use it beneath.
  • Android and iOS bolster – As the tool is working from your browser it can be used from any phone and in addition your PC.

How to Use The Cooking Fever Hack

Cooking Fever Cheats/Hack for iOS and Android screenshotAs expressed before the tool is truly straightforward as the Graphical interface is exceptionally all around composed however I chose to give you a guideline on how to use the Cooking Fever Hack legitimately.

  1. Press the button above to get to the online Cooking Fever cheats/generator.
  2. Pick your stage and Enter your Cooking Fever Username and press “Interface”.
  3. Select the measure of Gems.
  4. Click “Generate” and sit tight for the generator to wrap up.

If everything goes well, you will have the Gems following 5 minutes, and you can appreciate the game.

Before you learn how to get free gems on Cooking Fever let’s talk more about the security we have executed into the generator. It’s the most vital component of it cause the hack would be useless if the accounts would get banned. So we programmed an intense script that scrambles every single sent dat with 256-piece and also it conceals your generated Gems behind an in-application buy off the value of the Amount you generated what makes it unimaginable for the support to discover. Since our tool was discharged there never happened a solitary ban to a user of our Cooking Fever Hack. Believe us our efforts to establish safety are the best in this branches and you will be totally sheltered with our tool and can appreciate all the free gems with no issues.

The comics graphic of the game is truly cool in my eyes and in addition the ambient melodies. The game makes fun over long time and additionally you can open new things every once in a while thus its a decent interest.

Become a Chef in Cooking Fever

In this day and age, the gaming world is oversaturated with free-to-play games, and this is even more prevalent in terms of cooking themed games. If a game wants to be successful in a market with this much competition, then they need to offer the player a unique, fun-filled experience.

Fortunately, Cooking Fever provides this experience, simply because they provide such a vast degree of content that is unique to their game. The player begins the game with the bare necessities for preparing food – in this case, a single pan, a burner, and an exceedingly slow soda machine – and yet, by completing your goals and tasks, the player is able to unlock many more essentials for running a successful restaurant.

To put this in perspective, Cooking Fever allows the player to create a single dish when they first begin. By the end of it, a player is able to prepare and sell over two-hundred and fifty unique meals. Not only does the game offer this relatively simple method of gradually upgrading a player’s restaurant, but it also offers the unique feature of allowing players to upgrade their appearance, branding, advertising, and entertainment.

Speed is Crucial

The faster the player serves a customer in the game, the more customers the player is able to serve in the allotted time your restaurant is open. Another benefit of serving customers quickly is that if they’re happy with your service, they’ll tip the player more. Speed and strategic thinking is, therefore, a key element of working through this game because some recipes have a longer preparation time than others.


There are two forms of in-game currency used in Cooking Fever. Coins are the standard currency which is earned by the player through the process of running their restaurant, whilst gems are the premium currency that is used for special content and bonuses. Gems can be purchased with real currency, or they can be earned through certain in-game events and giveaways. The special upgrades purchased with gems are really just little perks for your restaurant that makes running them more convenient. They can also be used for the purchase of certain recipes.


Cooking Fever revolutionizes the genre by combining both the standard style of predictable gameplay so commonly found in these types of games with a wide range of achievements and goals that have the player constantly striving to win the constant challenges.

The further the player progress through the game, the more intense the levels will become, but by consistently upgrading your restaurant by completing previous levels, the player is able to keep their restaurant efficient and profitable.

The graphics of the game are reminiscent of a cartoon world, but despite this, it’s quite realistic and definitely allows for an immersive gaming experience. Of course, there’s also the fun feature in which your customers are tracked by unique appearance.

Cooking Fevers is a game which offers you the very best of what the somewhat mindless, highly entertaining, high pressure, time management game genre has to offer, and it offers just the right amount of play to keep even the average gamer happy

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